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Skygate proposals are the result of decades of experience in the airport and railway sector, designed to adapt to the customer’s corporate vocation.

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High level of personalized service, providing quality products and excellence.

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Continuous innovation and research in production processes and technologies for environmental protection.

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Our project

Since its inception, Skygate S.p.A. has identified an area in the airport sector with which to communicate and interface on a daily basis. A knowledge that has been perfected day after day and has led to the improvement of techniques and the optimization of production processes and models.

For this reason, the experience already gained by the founding companies of the Skygate company has proved incredibly useful. Twenty years of experience in the transport sector has allowed us to get to know the airport and railway sector in depth and develop a complete offer for companies. Currently, Skygate is certified for sanitizing offices, check-in counters, waiting rooms, refreshment areas, bars and restaurants, transit and parking areas, changing rooms and vehicles, both for the transport of people and goods.

The strength of the Skygate model lies precisely in its flexibility: the customer company has the possibility of identifying and modulating the services according to its needs. An essential requirement, which goes well with the need to guarantee its customers high quality standards. Therefore, pending the certification of the Quality Management System, Skygate adopts the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 requirements. A project that sees the raison d’etre of the entire organizational structure in the continuous and constant improvement of performance and effectiveness.

Among the Skygate proposals developed, specifically, for airlines there are sanitization and disinfection of transit and work environments. From the check-in and check-in counters to the boarding gates, passing through the administrative offices of the companies and the vehicles supplied. Areas that are particularly critical and subject to the profilefare of pathogens which, for this reason, need to be subjected to rigorous controls and thorough hygiene processes.

Skygate therefore guarantees safety and respect for the customer and his needs. This occurs by virtue of both the technologies used, tested and certified, capable of ensuring the full sanitation of the premises, objects and surfaces for the company. But not only that: this is also possible thanks to a modus operandi that focuses on attention to health and environmental protection.

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The professionalism of the Skygate group is at your disposal with the complete offer of the airport, food, cleaning and laundry sectors.

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